Alps Mountaneering ultralight pad review

by Christian Millet


In my particular experience every product I tried from alps mountaineering has been a bang for your money, the overall penalty seems to be weight due to the rugged construction materials.

This particular pad is no exception… the regular size weights 1lb 8oz.
Combines a durable foam and self inflate air channels for maximum confort.
Ideally for up to 5 days trips 3 season temps and miscellaneous ground.
The foam will prevent rocky ground from hurting your core and the exterior shell from punctures.

With an R value of 3.4 you can dip into the 20’s in combination with a good bag.

We know there’s plenty lighter and packable options…and anything consider light or ultralight will make a bigger hole in your pocket.

The alps stands out for confort, rugged well constructed materials and price.
You can find it regularly for around $45 to $55 online.

Once the pad has self inflate give an extra push (2 or 3 breaths) and close the copper valve. To pack, roll from the foot using your knees to help escape the air and strap it with 2 elastic bands (provided)

If you are in a budget or new to backpacking this pad will served you well without making a hefty investment.



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