Form Insoles review

by Christian Millet

12631336_10206710551136253_4083285202271648059_n sent us one of their latest products for testing and here are the results.

Let’s start with presentation….out of the box, the product displays a high quality manufacturing with proper display, instruction manual and warranty; not your conventional plastic box type. (It’s pretty sleek.)

To the touch…the insoles seem to have a lot of support in the heel and arch with a flexible toe…
We tested them over a few weeks using them daily in multiple activities from hiking, training, wall climbing and daily use.
We switched the form insoles using golite xt comp, Evolv approach and asolo powermatic 100 shoes; to our surprise the entire description on their website is accurate. (That never happens.)

Form Insoles is a custom moldable insole featuring a temper weave fabric that regulates temperature and reduces moisture from your feet (not too hot or cold) and has shock absorbing comfort with massive arch support.

In our first test, we hiked around 15 miles of flat, choppy, muddy and horse-rocky ground and the insoles provided instant relief and comfort.

After years of using sole ed, new balance ultra arch and soft sole gel insoles…we found a product that is all terrain.

For more information visit their website.



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