Kelty Range Tarp review

by Christian Millet

We tested the range in 2 seasons so far…spring and light winter with temps dropping to 16f overnight, 30mph wind gusts and plenty rain.

The range is a straight forward A frame design for 3 seasons that uses your trekking poles at 130cm optimal to be taut.
The floorless design is made of 40D sylnilon and has 12 guy out points.

It provides 2 vestibules with a double zipper construction allowing 2 sleepers their own entrance space.
The interior provides a massive 46sf, 108 x 62 with an interior height of 46″ so you can fully sit up and stretch or invite sa few friends to play cards when the weather gets foul.

With proper ventilation as a single wall we encounter minimum condensation in warmth weather and some frosting between 2 sleepers at 16f using the same amount of venting.

As a test we were curious and set up the range using the 2 end guidelines to a tree and mounted a hammock under it (grand trunk nano) and work perfectly, it provided plenty space and privacy…in a pinch you can set up a hammock under it plus 2 people in the ground and have enough space for gear.

Further you can unzipped both entries and roll the doors with the incorporated toggles giving you a full rectangular tarp to play with.
The 5 inch ground flaps help stopping any air under on uneven ground.
At 2lb 4oz including the built in guidelines the range is a good option for 2 sleepers giving you plenty space for your sleeping system and gear and feel safe under the elements.

The only con is, it does not have any interior loops for hanging a lamp but you can easily set up a line to hang plenty items using your treeking poles from side to side.

With a retail price of $120…this versatile shelter is a keeper.



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