klymit cush vs Thermarest down pillow

by Christian Millet

After a full year of adventures and trying all sorts of luxury brand name pillows including sea to summit, exped, kelty, alps mountaineering and other models by thermarest our top pick goes to:

Klymit cush pillow seat and thermarest down pillow.

The 650 goose down fill made by thermarest is as cozy as you will get away from home, perfect for any sleeper regardless of your position and sleep system set up.
A packable softball size that weights 3oz (small version) and 5.5oz for the large.
We tested this pillow down to the teens and kept proper warmth without using the hood of our sleeping bag.
$30 well spent and a keeper to our stash.

In the other side the inflatable klymit cush provides a double task… by folding it you can use it as a seat around base camp or in the trail.
Rugged construction materials not easy to puncture and weights 3oz, providing similar comfort to any type of sleeper.
A 3 season must have in our books.
At $15 the design, comfort and multi use is unbeatable.


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