Klymit insulated static v pad review

by Christian Millet

After a year of using the original static v with an R value of 1.3 we were curious about the insulated version.

The insulated version has a claimed R value of 4.4 and is not your lightest pad weighting  1lb 8oz but extremely pack-able at 5 x 7 in the included stuff sack.

It operates similar to the summer version looking exactly alike using the same baffle system ( 700 grams of synthetic fibers) and copper valve.

Is not self inflated and requires around 12 to 15 breaths to inflate, giving you 2.5 inches of comfort.

I was happy to experience no sounding noise over my constant movement and kept me warmth sleeping on my chest and side with wet ground and freezing conditions.

When I hit the sack wearing a long wick t shirt and a wet rain jacket it provide me instant warmth without even changing clothes(10 to 15 degrees). I was cold and eager to suit my down jacket but wasn’t needed; my feet were cold so I ditched my dump wool socks and wrap them with my down jacket before entering the sleeping bag.

In our last outing we were expecting temps in the upper 40’s so my sleeping system included a 30F sleeping bag.

The next morning after a night of rain and heavy storms we woke up to 30 degrees… I slept like a baby using base layers and I was amazed by the performance of the pad, which maintain loft and warmth overnight.

If you are not afraid of a little weight, for $80 retail this pad is a bang for your buck.


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