MSR Fast Stash vs MSR Flylite


The newest version of the iconic  cutting edge MSR fast stash design is the flylite,  which cascade designs launched in the summer of 2015.

The fast stash, predecessor to the flylite is a single wall design intended for 3 seasons use and weights 3lbs by replacing the provided aluminium poles with your trekking poles, (telescope trekking poles adjusted to 130cm) has 2 side triangular panels and front door mesh fully enclose-able from the inside . The side wings of the stash have a double purpose, creating a double vestibule big enough to fit a 65L backpack and boots on each side and by changing the configuration of the pitch they fully enclosed the interior triangle mesh by sacrificing one or both vestibules. Both wings can also be rolled up for better ventilation during the summer.

The newest version (Flylite) provides a roomy interior space for 2 plus lightweight gear or palace interior space for 1. With this new version MSR switch to lighter fabrics suitable for ultralight backpackers for a total weight of 2lb 4oz to be set with your trekking poles (none provided); some of the pre-existing designs have the same concept; the wings in this case are made to cover the interior side mesh panels but stand way too high to provide any vestibule space during stormy rain.

Both designs need around 14 stakes in order to sustain mild winds (6 more than provided) but the cutting edge design is not meant for high winds.

The biggest flaw of the stash is the  diagonal back wall drop which accumulates a lot of condensation for the second sleeper. We tested the stash at Pikes Peak and the Crags in Colorado with the same result, the second sleeper sleeping bag will become wet if touching the back wall overnight, which becomes inevitable if you are an adult size. MSR did include a center guideline in the back wall  which helps with upper torso space livability  while sitting.

The Flylite’s design has more flaws….by cutting the weight they sacrifice the vestibules, the wings are only good for vertical rain but under a heavy storm all your gear will get wet; furthermore the biggest disappointment of this shelter is the extension between the front poles and the singular provided backpole …around 6 ft, even after having the pitch perfectly taut the 10D fabric will sag with any decent rain.

Finally the materials of the flylite are super delicate and we highly recommend a footprint as the 20D floor feels like will rip with anything.

Finally here is what you need to know, both tents are Ultralight by splitting the carry weight, they don’t do well in winds, they are easy fast pitch, non free standing, versatile with lots of good ventilation, suitable for 3 seasons, super roomy for 2 people with easy access and have amazing views by opening the front doors.

After trying both in multiple weather conditions the predecessor (Fast Stash) gives you more and cost less, has a better configuration, better fabrics and less flaws.










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