MSR Flylite first impression

by Christian Millet


Msr flylite first impressions review

Super light for the amount of space provided (2lb 4oz) bigger ventilation than the msr fast stash.
Fairly easy to set up under 10 minutes by 1 person or 5 minutes by 2.
10 tied out points that require more guidelines than provided (5) For a strong hold.
Materials are super delicate 10D walls and 20D floor so I will suggest a footprint is highly needed.
Interior space is huge for 2 to fully sit up.
Recommended for fast backpacking in good terrain as any other non free standing shelter.
Needs a total of 14 stakes for strong hold and only 9 mini hogs are provided.

Overall I believe is a super design with major upgrades fixing some of the issues in the fast stash but not worth the suggested price.

If you find it onsale and trying to shave ounces as a solo backpacker grave it and be gentle.


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