North Face Thermoball Mule Review

by Christian Millet


So I spent the last 3 nights with a group of local hikers bearing the cold front of Texas weather… temps as low as 16f.

Once we started the hike saturday morning after a night of car camping, amazing meals and basic preparation for the following day, my 1 year old Golite waterproof hiking shoes started giving up. The sole started by peeling away from the leather letting water sip in creating an innitial disconfort; as we hike further the muddy trail with temps around 35F to 40F my feet could not longer aclamatise…the 2 layers of wool socks wasn’t feet were rigid and painfully getting numb.
Once at Basecamp 2 after a fairly easy 7 mile hike i switch socks, i was hoping my wool stoic ski socks will provide enough warm; that wasn’t the case, the multidirectional blowing fire couldn’t keep up with the upper leather and dropping temperatures….soon after they were rock solid frozen and my socks wet again.
So I pulled the booties…I had waited enough… we were expecting temps to drop to 15f overnight and I my feet get cold easily.
Within seconds the thermoball technology made effect…the traction soles were enough for the rugged, uneven, rocky muddy, wet texas soil. …
I brag about them all weekend as they served me beyond any expectation for 3 consecutive nights after using my beat up golite hiking shoes daily.
While using them I did no experience any cold spots or sweat….my feet were cozy using only one thin sock layer.
I wish I bought a size bigger as they run fitted…but for $40 online there’s nothing better for your money.
They literally save me from quickly getting sick or abandoned the hike.
The ripstop outer shell repealed water instantly and the sole is thick enough for rough conditions around camp or inside your house.
A 7oz must have for winter.


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