TripTarp Review

by Branden Finley


GearRat Outdoors: Trip Tarp Review-
5×7 weatherproof nylon
Printed with gear lists and reminders for trip planning

We were really excited to try this product out from the first time we saw it. The idea of a tarp covered in packing lists and tips that could not only be used to plan your trip, but also brought along with your pack was an enticing combo. What we’ve found is that it delivers on both fronts.
As an organizational tool the Trip Tarp went above and beyond my expectations. The lists have more than just your standard shelter, water, food, fire to include things like extras for children or pets you’re bringing, and reminders about itinerary and emergency contact info, making it a useful tool for everyone from experienced solo backpackers to beginner family car campers.
The Trip Tarp can also perform as a weatherproof tarp for multiple uses as a footprint, shade cloth, windbreaker, or even shelter. At 5×7 it doesn’t make the largest shelter, but for someone who knows their tarp setups it makes a great backup, or secondary tarp to use with a tent or other tarp shelter.
To me the most exciting part is that this is only the first version, and it is currently in development for it’s next release. With so many ideas already included it is bound to be an impressive product down the road. We’ve had a lot of great feedback from the GearRat community, and I know Craig has been excited to hear it. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Trip Tarp, and we’ll keep you updated as progress moves forward.
Thanks again to Craig Rowe, and everyone involved with Trip Tarp for giving us a chance to test and review this product.


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