Cheap and reliable:Ust TUBE Tarp Review

by Christian Millet

If you are new to tarping, this affordable piece of gear might come handy….even after you evolve into an ultralight set up.
Weighting 24oz on my scale (after replacing the heavy guidelines and steel stakes) the tube (body bag configuration) tarp will provide shelter space for up to 2 people depending configuration.
The 9.5 x 6.5 coated nylon waterproof fabric with a reflective interior allows the user multiple options to make an easy shelter. After a full year of use the reflective interior lamination still intact.
Perhaps the only con is the amount of guy out points provided (6).
We tested the tarp using the tube configuration which provides enough space inside for 1 person, a bug net (sea to summit) and gear. During a second outing we made a (half pyramid) configuration using 2 front trekking poles to maximize entrance.
A second tester manage to survive a winter storm in Montana with heavy rains, hail and high winds and a third tester was happy to demonstrate full coverage over a hammock using it in a diagonal pattern. The Ust provides a perfect solution for unexpected weather regardless of your set up. It is abnormal to find such good quality and light product for such low price.

A cheap, light and reliable solutions for $40

You can find it here:


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