Zpacks 30F Sleeping bag quilt

Zpacks 30F sleeping bag quilt Review

by Christian Millet

In short, the $400  sleeping bag quilt might not be your best option, let me tell you the reasons.
zpacks has made their market by reaching into the ultralight community which has also become a trend.
The hybrid 30F sleeping bag quilt has roughly 2 inches of loft and 8.5 ounces of premium 900 down fill and the regular medium size bag weights a whooping 14oz total.
My dilemma of this bag is the type of down… by switching to 800 fill the price will reduce to around $240 or less… and adds only a couple of ounces of weight, so basically the weight savings of a snicker bar will cost you around $140.
Initially we use this bag around 50F and it was a dream of warmth as we slept rock solid like a baby after drinking milk, but when temps drop to upper 20’s this bag fail to insulated me properly using a 4.4 R value sleeping pad and base layers ” luckily i had my down jacket handy”
my expectation based in knowledge and description of this product made me believe i could take this bag easily to to around 25F without much hesitation, but i was wrong.
Additionally the center 3/4 non insulated zipper is intended for you to rotate inside your bag once is fully zip..positioning the zipper in your back which is super annoying. In quilt mode there’s really nothing other than the footbox holding your pad, there’s no way to strap the bag to your pad and if you move a lot, at some point you will get cold.
In a hammock, the quilt mode worked much better as your body is wrapped by the side walls.
The outershell is made of 0.7 ripstop nylon with DWR which is super thin and easy to puncture. The DWR amount is not disclose in their website but is enough to shed condensation inside your tent drying super fast which is a big plus for single wall tents and humid areas.
The presentation, looks, feel and weight is amazing, signature of the majority of zpacks products.

Overall for what you get and the money spent… do a better research and understand weight savings and down fill insulation….or simply follow the trend.


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