Affordable 40/50F Sleeping Bags

by Christian Millet

We all have to admit about the necessities of compression, quality, reliability and warranty from the big manufacturers and well known cottage companies, so If you are doing a thru hike most likely you will spend big bucks for security and that is completely reasonable; in the other hand, if you are new to backpacking or do sporadic outings there’s no reason for you to spent above $75 for a spring/summer bag, as long as it compresses properly and is fairly light weight you should be fine.

Do I need a ul 900 fill 30F zpacks bag that weights 14oz for $440? mmm not anymore.

I made those choices myself and realize that I don’t have a bank subsidizing my over expending on gear… not much later I realize i can invest $100 for a good bag and used the remaining $340 to get a lighter shelter more suitable to my needs.

Backpacking is about the experience not the gear, backpacking is about freedom not going on debt, backpacking is about connecting with nature and others beyond gear talk.

As many others I have committed the same mistakes and somehow taping into a greater community of multiple upbringings and incomes I became a little smarter (buying smart is important)….so here are my top recommendations for a summer bag that wont break your wallet.

  • NatureHike-NH Outdoor Ultralight Imitation Silk Mini Envelope Sleeping Bag (weight 24oz, $35) rated 40F to 50F 


Note: This bag has a rectangular shape and has a full zip to fully convert into a blanket. Available in amazon. The flexibility and compression of this bag is what makes it a good fit. Truly rated to 50F

  • High Peak Simex sport (weight 1lb rated 50F $25)


Note: this particular bag is not longer produced and is hard to find but is well worth to research. Available online in amazon and ebay. At 16oz is one of the best bags you will find, the compression bag is not the best since does have straps built in.

  • Ozark Trail 30F Climatech Mummy Sleeping Bag (2.0 LB/30F $54)k2-_b97266f9-7b02-47cc-96ff-7b1203257113.v1

Note: in my experience all ozark products rating is off…likely this bag is a 40 to 45F. Available at walmart online. Roomy interior, nice fabrics and double zipper, great compression and weight. 

  • Snugpak Chrysalis 1 (weight 2lb 3oz rated 45F $75)



Note: Snugpak is a U.K company and they produce great products including tents like the ionosphere. This bag is available in amazon, walmart online and other retailers. The Chrysalis has a double zipper that runs all the way to the footbox great for ventilation. 

  • Marmot Nanowave 45F (weight 2.0lb rated 45F $75)

Note: The nanowave is our top pick…we have use and tested this bag over 2 seasons and is great in comfort, warmth and compress-ability. Available at almost all well known retailers as rei or directly from marmot.





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