GearRat Outdoors Review: Modern Nomad Hammock 

 LBJ Grasslands

Tl;dr- This is a hammock for anyone who loves hammocks. Not only that but the case and straps it comes with are great, and easy to use. A great deal for beginners or experts alike.

•Molle zip case can hold hammock, straps and even a tarp with proper modifications.

•straps are long, simple, and easy to use.

•hammock itself is a great size at 9 1/2 x 6×1/2ft.

•Weighs in at 2lbs 4 oz with case included, but you can get it close to a pound with a few modifications to the hammock and straps.

I was excited about the Modern Nomad Hammock as soon as I ordered it. Most of the time when you order a hammock, it maybe comes with a couple of ropes, but hardly ever does it come supplied with real tree straps. It’s thoughtful things like this that make a great product. When it arrived, and as it was tested I was not let down from that initial excitement.
Modern Nomad was started in Latvia by Oskars Laucinš his Amazon description says it best,

“The creator of this product is an ex-soldier, who used to spend his weekdays in nature, and wished to preserve the freedom and relaxation of outdoors even after the change of his career path. The hammock is created to offer anyone a possibility to escape the daily routine and enjoy a taste of a nomadic lifestyle. With this equipment, it is easier than ever to create a home wherever in the world you might find yourself, be it in your backyard or a mountain range.”

 Lake Ray Roberts, TX


This is a great sized hammock, and super comfortable. I would compare it in quality to similar hammocks I’ve tried, and it’s price point falls directly between the cheap Walmart equip hammock, and the more popular brands like eno. What really sets it apart from both is the accessories. The case alone is a great piece of gear weather it’s holding the hammock and straps, your cook gear, or a group first aid kit. The straps are super simple and easy to use (once you read the instructions). Overall it is a great set for the $55 price point.

If you’re over 6’3″ you may have the same problems you have with most hammocks. It could be hard to get flat. The first couple of times I set it up I was using the straps wrong (though they still did work). No instructions were included, but they can be found on the Amazon page description. I also showed how in a couple of the videos we did. Lastly, the stuff sack is great for holding other stuff sacks, but don’t throw everything from your pockets in there, and then try to dig out your keys while you’re hanging. I admittedly was at fault for it being torn loose, and Oskars was informed, and is reinforcing this seam in future models.

Overall this a great product for a great price. By changing out the metal parts for lighter materials, and switching out the gather cords for paracord you can reduce a lot of weight if that’s your thing. If you’re a beginner this a great hammock to throw on your pack and go, or try out in the yard. I highly recommend this product to hammock lovers everywhere.
Thanks again to Oskars Laucinš for giving us a chance to work with this great product! It has been highly enjoyed. Look out for a member exclusive deal coming soon!

Stay tuned for our next featured item! Sneak peak to come!


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