GearRat Outdoors Review: Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

TL;DR: This thing is a great piece of gear if your dog likes den environments and you are willing to spend the time acclimating them to it. It is even light enough for backpacking.

This is another one of those, saw it, wanted to try it out immediately situations.
We often hammock camp, especially in warmer weather. I had been looking for a solution to having a shelter for Gretchen beyond a pile of leaves and a blanket. She does great in a tent, but a lead next to a hammock made for some late night wake up calls.
As soon as the Pup Tent arrived I began conditioning Gretchen to it. We showed it to her, let her sniff it, and she watched us set it up. Before letting her in it the first time, I added her pad, blanket, and a couple of familiar toys to make it feel like hers. I then gave her a couple of treats while I opened it and presented it to her. She was already trying to enter it when I threw a couple of treats inside to entice her. She ate those, sniffed around, and immediately sat down and showed her approval.  Gretchen approved

We left it set up for the evening so she could settle in or ignore it as she pleased. Over the next couple of weeks, we set it up inside, or in the yard, to let her use it similar to her regular rest areas or kennel. (I should mention she is kennel trained, and I believe that helped her feel comfortable with the den like environment). She grew to be more and more excited when we set it up.
Next, I took her on an overnight where I slept in a hammock and she had her tent. Not once did she try to climb in with me, even though she did wake me up a couple of times for common reasons.
Most recently we brought it for a 3 night car camping trip where we hiked one day in the middle. She stayed with us in our tent every night, but the Pup Tent made a great place for her to be relaxed and comfortable in a familiar place where we never had to be out of sight thanks to the windows on all four walls.  Gretchen looks to future adventures.

This is an ongoing review, but as of today this tent has been a great purchase. Materials wise, it has stood up to dogs running into it and kittens climbing on it. Gretchen has carried it on her pack from awkwardly to manageable, and I have found that trading her for water weight makes a great exchange. I have come to terms with the fact that Gretchen can’t be expected to carry all her own weight, but this tent is well worth it’s price, weight, and labor for the enjoyment it brings my hiking buddy. If you think your dog might enjoy it, you’re probably right. Totally worth a shot as it can likely be resold fairly easily. If you’ve been thinking about getting this item do it. You won’t be disappointed.

You  can find more details about and purchase here:

Alcott Explorer Tent



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