Lightweight $500 backpacking set under 10lb.

A few weeks back we published the “$300 backpack challenge” and I have to admit it was a tight budget. Some of the items were not the best, but they provided enough quality and reliability for a short term solution or a test run for a beginner. So, I made a joke publicly announcing the next leg. Here it is. Backpacking can be expensive, but now it is extremely affordable thanks to a booming manufacturing market and high demand.

Like the first time, all items will be new and include a sleeping system rated to 30F.

NOTICE: Make sure you know your destination, terrain and temperatures before heading out and contact reliable sources for planning. Remember, PREPARATION is your best friend on backcountry ventures. Items not included are clothing, water, food and fuel.



Terranova Laser 35L backpack. 17oz /$90 

Kelty cosmic 21F down sleeping bag  41oz /$129

Klymit static v Lite 16oz/$50

Klymit cush inflatable pillow/seat 3oz/ $1o

Kelty Noah Tarp 9 x 9 24oz/$47

Outdoor Products 5 x 7 silnylon tarp 7oz/$10 (footprint)

Msr Mini Groundhogs set (6) 2oz/ $16

Nite Ize Figure 9 guidelines 2oz/$10

Platypus Hoser 2.0L 40z/$24

Mini sawyer water filter 3oz $20 (any outfitter store)

Etekcity canister stove 3oz/ $12

TBERA alloy cooking pot set 7oz/$17

Toaks Titanium long spoon 0.5oz/$10

Energizer vision hd 120 Lumens 5oz/$13

Lifeline Trail First Aid kit 3oz/$8

UST Whistle 0.3oz /$6 (any outfitter store)

Silva compass 2oz/$10 

(2) smart water bottles 2oz/ $4 (any local store)

Toiletries like wipes or TP, deodorant and toothbrush (Free as you should have that already from home) approximate weight 5oz

Opinel Carbon blade No8 Knife   1.4oz/$13

Total Weight: 141.5 oz (9lb 2.5 oz) 

Total Price: $499

Final Note: 

By replacing the tarp and the cost not included for a good decent pair of trekking poles needed to set the tarp (you can use cheap telescope poles from walmart $20), you can afford a Eureka Solitaire ($69)  or Alps Mountaineering Mystique 1($77), adding 9oz to your current set up.

Beyond this point, your major expense will be rain gear and a down jacket.

I highly recommend Marmot Precip rain jacket. It’s extremely affordable and highly rated and on sale for  around $60 at I also recommend a good quality down jacket, 600 fill power and above.

Currently is having a large sale on insulated jackets.

Always remember to combined your compass with paper maps, DO NOT ONLY RELY ON TECHNOLOGY like you GPS device or cellphone.

Happy Trails people!













2 thoughts on “Lightweight $500 backpacking set under 10lb.

  1. Thanks for the post. Got sent over to your site from outdoor magazine. Love the cheap but good gear angle. I hope your links are referral links. Worth supporting a good site.


    1. Hi Nick thank you, we are glad to show a different side of the sport; backpacking is not longer an expensive empty your wallet hobby and we try to show and advice such.
      Our blog be soon a full site at that point referral links will happen.
      Do you mind sharing a link with us of how you find us?


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