Paria Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles Review

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about this particular product; once in awhile with the booming market a high quality and affordable product hits the market surpassing any expectations. Paria Outdoor Products , a company based in Colorado is one of them, and their goal is to produce and offer affordable high quality gear promoting others to go out and explore.

The tri-fold design conveys the best of all known systems; is fold-able pole similar to the black diamond z poles, with a flick lock extension and push button lock.


In addition the carbon fiber shaft material and 7075 aluminum alloy connectors with tungsten carbide tips and baskets have a synthetic cork handle for outstanding grip and silk alike wrist straps.

The 9oz per pole weight comes in their own silnylon sack adding props to their presentation.


  • Collapsed Length = 15 inches
  • Length of 100 cm Model = 39 to 47 inches (100 to 120 centimeters) – Recommended for 5’5″ or shorter
  • Length of 120 cm Model = 45 to 53 inches (115 to 135 centimeters) – Recommended for 5’6″ or taller

Field Test:

After testing them for a few weeks in multiple areas, weather and terrain we can only brag about them and claim them as one of the best existing poles in the market. The combined locking system and high quality materials is unbeatable for the price. $54

After years of using many other brands and locking systems, the Tri-fold are now essential to our GearDen and our first choice for any outings. Highly recommended!

Here is a video by Paria Outdoors explaining how to assemble each pole the first time.




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