WIN Detergent Review

Let’s be honest… nobody gets too excited when talking about laundry detergent… as long as it smells good, and cleans my clothes I’m pretty happy. Oh, and it can’t cost a fortune…

The problem comes in when I wash my quick dry shirt or other backpacking gear that gets stinky or sweaty and while it comes out “mostly” clean, there is always some sort of strange ghost odor lingering…


This is where WIN Detergent comes in. Win is a small company based out of New York. Supposedly it became a HUGE deal during the 2008 summer Olympics. I don’t remember this, but I was pretty young and didn’t care much about what detergent was used.

WIN is a scientifically developed detergent that latches on to the stinky bacteria and basically drags it out of your clothing.

The real question is, does it actually work? There are TONS of products that claim this or that, but can’t live up to the hype.

I took different quick dry shirts on different length’s of hikes for some testing and to clarify, when I hike, I look like I just crawled out of a swimming pool… I usually hear things like, “EWWW Gross!!!”‘, or “Oh Lord, why is your shirt so wet?!”…

The shirts (3 to be exact), were SOAKED in sweat after hikes of different lengths.

My usual detergent seems to work *ok* (I’ll be honest, we have made our own detergent for a number of years. It saves money, and you can add or subtract stain fighters), but it really didn’t hold a candle to how well WIN worked. It has a light, and enjoyable smell, and really did take out the stink in my shirts. I was actually so excited that I grabbed a bunch of other clothing like my work shirts (which happen to be those moisture wicking golf shirts) and tossed them in a load to get REFRESHED! It is tough on those pit stains, and leaves your clothes feeling and smelling quite clean

All in all, I would recommend WIN to the outdoorsy folk, or just people who like clean clothes as it really does work on getting that stink out of technical and everyday clothes.

The only downside, at least in my opinion is that it doesn’t come in larger bottles. I’m used to at least a gallon of detergent, so it means that I will have to buy WIN more often.

I also wish that it was more widely available at places like REI, or some of our local outdoor stores, but we understand that large scale distribution can be difficult for smaller companies…

The best place to buy WIN is from either their website or from Amazon. The owner of WIN actually recommends purchasing it from Amazon since most everybody has Prime nowadays or can get up to the free shipping threshold (like you can’t find some gear you *need*…)

Oh, and WIN does come in a non-scented, more eco-friendly version for you earthy folks!

All in all, WIN Sports Detergent did what it says and cleaned our technical clothes VERY well!

Now go grab ya some!

Check out their product line HERE!

Their amazon page HERE!

* A free sample of WIN Detergent was provided for this review.*



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