Where and when to buy backpacking gear on-line?

In order to find the best deals, you need to plan ahead and take an advantage of past season gear; all big manufacturers release their products twice a year for the upcoming seasons. By buying your winter gear during the summer and vice-versa you be saving a lot of money by simple research.

Here is a list of the best sites to take advantage of:



(both sites are owned and operated by backcountry.com as their outlet venues)


(has discounted gear prices all year around, make sure to sign up for their email offers to receive additional coupons)


(limited flash sales just for women)


(flash sales and heavy discounts)


(Heavily discounted items, make sure to check their weekly shed items release)


(While they don’t promote much you can find really good winter deals)


(Second-hand sales and heavy discounted items by big websites like backcountry)

Www.blp.com forum

(This one requires an annual membership, affordable and a must have if you are trying to light your load)


(UK biggest Webstore has amazing deals but often have issues with shipping, proceed with caution and use PayPal to be covered in case you don’t receive your item)

The app Woot provided by amazon and available on apple and android and is fulfilled by amazon, by promoting short flash sales until inventory is gone.

Facebook gear groups: here is a list of the 4 strongest gear sale groups in the United States.

GearRat Outdoors

Backpacking gear flea market

Outdoors Adventures hiking gear flea market

Sub 2268 gear swap (ultralight items)




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