3F UL Gear solo tent 

3F UL Gear is a Hong Kong manufacturer available via aliexpress among other alike sites. 

What we know about the company is very little; but has created a big buzz among the ultralight community for performance, weight vs cost ratio. 

This particular solo tent (unknown model) weights 650grams or 24oz not including the provided footprint. 

Apparently 3F UL Gear is a manufacturer for others brands like MSR (we havent being able to verified such) but after browsing an almost endless catologue, we realized they are replicating and somehow upgrading existent tent designs not longer produced by big brands. 

The solo (as we call it) is a great budget tent costing only $86 ship. 

We decided to take it for a test run in mild weather, a coldish spring night in Texas in the safety of a state park. 

The set up is simple, alike any singular trekking pole tent; stake all corners, insert the pole in the reinforced apex, erect, secure, close the vestibule and ancher. Once those steps are completed, adjust the built in linelock guidelines  for high winds. Literally took us under 5 minutes. 

For a hybrid design we expected some condensation while camping next to the lake. All single wall tents regardless of the amount of venting will condensate in high humid enviroments. We were happy to wake up to  mild condensation as expected with a high quality manufacturer; the venting system has a small triangular mesh footbox with an overhang in the exterior to prevent water, a large size vent above the headbox with a built in strat and full lomesh panel door protected by the elongated vestibule. 

The 15D silnylon all around is taped and seam sealed ready for your next adventure. The interior space will properly fit anyone up to 6’1 with a 24″ wide pad. The interior height of 130cm allows you to fully sit up and cook under the vestibule if needed. 

The footbox requires a 12″ aluminium pole (provided) to keep the proper height for venting purposes and structure to the tent design itself. While is a super simple design they fail to make it a pocket insert. Instead they utilize  foldable velcro  tab at the ground level to secure the pole in place which is not wide enough. Some basic diy adjustmemts should care of the problem.

Another small issue is the lack of toggless for the short door of the vestibule; so we recommend velcro tabs to secure it. 

Overall a really good find for such small price and highly recommended if you are willing to wait 3 weeks for arrival. 

If you are new to ultralight shelters and want to stay in budget you have nothing to loose.



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