Summer sleep system for cheap. 

In our last article we offer a full list of ultralight gear down to 32F with a total weight of 6lb 11oz with a cost of $524 not including trekking poles, clothing, food or fuel. 

Lets put a few options for your own research, in the hopes will enlight your future purchases. 

Going light is not super complicated or expensive anymore, as there is plenty information by high quality resources out there. You can do the trials as we did but let us help you save some cash and play it safe.

The big 3 as we know (backpack, shelter and sleeping bag) takes the majority of your pack and tends to be the biggest expense. 


Thete is a big benefit of going with a tarp but in a lot of cases you end up matching the weight of a full tent during mosquito season.

Some tarps are able to accommodate multiple persons and seasons, depending amount of guidelines attachments and size; while tents are rated 3 ways: 3 season, 4 season or mountaineering capable. 

Affordable light Tents/ tarps: 

Six moons designs trekker scout 34oz. $125 

(Semi freestanding, trekking pole set up, hybrid tent, side entrance) 

3F UL  Gear solo  24oz $89 

(Hybrid, huge vestibule, mild condensation, quality manufacturing, Japanese brand, monopole)

Eureka gossamer 32oz $125 

(Semi freestanding, aluminium poles, tunnel design, low profile, lacks vestibule) only available in Canada.

Koppen lokal 40oz $89 

(Tunnel design, low profile, tiny vestibule, side entrance, alloy poles, double wall) 


Integral designs/Rab element 1. 7oz $74

(Seamless, Tapered, silnylon, 6 guide-out points, compatible with front entry bug tents and any bivy, fits a 7 foot hiker)

UGQ bivy tarp solo 6.5oz $89 

(Tapered, membrane 0.9, small profile, front entry, 6 guy-out points, ridge seam, 7ft long) 

 Etowah 8 x 10 silnylon 16oz $75 

(Rectangular tarp with 13 guide-out points, 12 in perimeter and 1 center ridge, fits up to 3 depending your pitch, durable and highly recommended) 

Bivys/ bug tents: 

Rab element 1 bug tent 1lb 4oz $75 

(Bathtub floor, tapered, rommy to sit up, side entrance) can be easily modified by cutting unnneded straps to 16oz. 

Outdoor research bug bivy $89 16oz 

(Bathtub floor, single pole alike all bivys from OR,  front entrance, bugproof, easy to adapt to almost any tarp set up) 

Sea to summi nano mosquito net 3oz $40 

(Bugproof, floorless, no entrance zipper, but easy to modify) 


Klymit motion 35. 24oz $70 

(inflatable frame sheet with built in adjustable pump, good transfer weight, rommy with lots of straps that can be trim if needed) 

Granite Gear slacker packer compression 25L 6.2oz $50 

(Fastpack, roll top, semi waterproof, minimalist style) 

Marmot compresor 20L 11oz $50 

(Fastpack, design for day hikes but easily used for an overnight) 

Sleeping bags: 

Aegismax ultralight mummy 45F 800 fill 14.5oz   $60

(Hoodless, warm and packable, 800 fill goose down) 

Justin Anderson cotsco convert quilt 15oz  $80 

(Available hoodless for $65, or with included balaclava for $80. 700 fill, Fits up 5’10) 

Marmot nanowave 45F 1lb 13oz $60 

 (Synthetic fill with a big warranty, packs small, and rommy for almost all sizes. ) 

Final note: by proper research you can find plenty for your next adventure, mix and match, buy-try-sell-try next. 

Always redefine and be aware of your needs; once back home ditch the extra stuff you didnt use. 


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