Stupid Light GearList rated to 35F 

Going super ultralight has many benefits; in our case wasnt about triming ounces to hike more, it was about the challenge. 

Remember your back and spine truly does not differentiate much between 10 or 15lbs of weight; is physocological unless you are injured. 

We are gear rats and like anyone, our transition into sul gear has taken a few seasons of buying and selling, field testing and ditching items along the way. We found our comfort zone and while we can somehow advise; our set up is not for everyone and is not intended for all terrain or seasons. Has to be adjusted per location and weather temperatures. 


Appalachian trail reach around 30L pack with Justin Anderson bottle holders and zpacks belt pouch 11oz 

(You can find Justin Anderson 0.5oz  1L smart bottle holders in facebook and ebay; check our facebook group for a listing) 

Aegismax 35F 850 fill quilt 16oz (advertise and sign as windyhard available at aliexpress) 

Klymit x wave 10oz (48″ x 24″ pad is dream if you dont mind your feet hanging off) 

Sea to summit  aeros pillow  1.5oz 

Toaks cookset (550 pot, solid fuel stove, wind barrier, spork, bic lighter ) 4oz 

Six moon designs serenity bug tent 11oz 
MLD monk Cuben Fiber tarp 4.5oz (5 x 9 with multiple tied out and lije locks built in) 

12 stakes and guidelines  (vargo sheppard  titaniuk and easton needle stakes) 3oz  

Sawyer squeeze 5oz (fits perfectly your 1L smart bottle, can be also used as gravity fultration system) 

Anker battery bank 10oz (charge your phone from 15% to 90% around 10 times) 


North Face thermoball pullover (not the lightest in the market, affordable on sale and synthetic insulation) 

Food weight: 48oz 

Water: 70oz 

Opinel #8 knife 3oz (French made with carbon blade for only $13 via amazon) 

Emergency kit 3oz 

Total 210 oz

Not in the list: wereable items including trekking poles, sunto watch, map and cellphone. 


2 thoughts on “Stupid Light GearList rated to 35F 

  1. This is a great list. A lot of these things were not on my radar. That being said is it possible to get links to some of these things? I have had trouble finding a few of them (plus if you are an Amazon affiliate I would not mind sending a tip your way).


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