Going SUL in a budget: Cuben Fiber vs membrane 0.93 

While we all realize the fever of cuben fiber known as dynnema, the super ultralight fabric comes at big expense and if you are trying to stay in a moderate budget is nearly impossible to acquire. 

By doing some basic math for a DIY project, the expense is nearly the same, and requires proper skills, time and a good set up. 

We recommend Membrane 0.93. 

The MEMBRANE sil line was developed with one goal in mind – create the lightest, most waterproof fabrics on the market

Same silpoly benefits of lower water absorption (i.e. no sagging) and increased UV resistance, but in a waterproof textile that’s 15-30% lighter than traditional lightweight coated nylon/polyester fabrics.

MEMBRANE Silpoly is the ultralight version of our MEMBRANE silpoly line of ultralight coated materials. At a finished weight of just 0.93 oz/yd2, it is the lightest waterproof polyester textile available. The material features the following:

  • Custom woven, high-thread count 15D polyester
  • Plain-weave construction
  • High-quality sil/PU coating on each side

MEMBRANE Silpoly is best for situations where you want the lightest possible waterproof fabric outside of Cuben Fiber. Lower water resistance than the PU4000 version, but ~15% lighter. 

A premium material for all projects requiring an extremely lightweight, waterproof textile. Common applications include tarps, tents, ponchos, gear sacks, pack covers, etc.

*Note: this fabric is the exact same on each side. If seam sealing, we recommend using a 100% Silicone sealant such as Sil-Net

A few examples of this product can be found at UGQ (underground quilts) among other manufacturers. Their bivy tarp solo weights 6oz with a comparable space coverage of a 5 x 9 CF tarp for only $110.

And if you ready to tackle a DIY project, you can find the info and product at ripstopbytheroll.com with a massive amount of color options. 



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